Prayer Alert (09.24.17)

Please pray for some of our FIRE family who are in need of prayer at this time.  Darla Collins was admitted to the ER due to heart attack symptoms early this morning.  Let’s be in agreement for total healing, a miraculous recovery, strength and support for their family, and wisdom for all involved.  Click on the “Continue Reading” link below for more details and updates from Pastor Keith.

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Prayer Alert (01.09.17)

Please pray for some of our FIRE family who are in need of prayer at this time. Amy Pegram’s sister, Wendy, just found out that she has a tumor on her lungs. She has a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. They want to do a biopsy. She went to the ER last night and she had possible Pleurisy and was not doing well. Let’s lift Wendy up in prayer and expect a miracle! Also, please pray for Sondra Booth’s mom who has been battling a kidney infection and severe back pain. Finally, please lift up baby Jude who needs to overcome illness in his body so that his doctor’s can do an MRI and possibly perform an important spinal compression surgery.

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High Noon Prayer for the Election

Don’t lose focus, don’t lose heart. We are calling for everyone to consider the price that must be paid to disrupt the celebrations that have already been planned. Like a War Eagle, we are summoning intercessors to the following High Noon strategy:

1. For the final twelve days leading up to the election, Oct. 28-Nov. 8, gather with two or three others (lunch break at the office, church groups, housewives together on the phone, husbands and wives, youth groups at school, etc) to pray. Spend 15-30 minutes in agreement together if possible, every day, for twelve days, at noon. If you can’t make noon work, pick another time and be faithful to it for 12 days.

2. Plead the blood of Jesus over your family and our nation. This is the “better blood” of the new covenant that breaks the yoke of spiritual bondage and oppression, and releases mercy to our land.

3. Pray specifically to bind the Spirit of Cain—the spirit of murder, hiddenness, and lack of love and accountability (“Am I my brother’s keeper?”). Pray that the power of Cain in operation at the highest levels of our nation would be: 1) bound, 2) exposed (brought to light, secrets no longer hidden) and 3) removed.

4. Pray. Then vote.

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Prayer Alert (10.06.16)

Please pray for everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew. This major storm has already had a destructive and fatal history, prompting many precautions and evacuation orders to be set in place. Thousands could be affected this weekend and we want to agree for the preservation of life and property, peace in the hearts of those displaced by the storm (or staying in the path of the storm), and for safety for all of those involved in the keeping of order, rescue operations, utility/infrastructure work, and/or recovery efforts that may ensue.

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